Ailion Golf is a high-end french men’s clothing brand aiming to enhance the way golfers and everyday gentleman perform both on and off the golf course. Founded by Guillaume Sergent in France in 2015.


How did everything start? 

“During a game two years ago, I was preparing to putt for birdie – one stroke under of the par – at the first hole when I realized my ball was really dirty – with grass and sand on it.

I wanted to clean my ball to have the best chance to make this putt. Unfortunately, my towel was on my golf bag too far away and I obviously didn’t want to clean my ball on my clothes. But I knew that if I didn’t clean my ball, I would definitely miss this decisive putt because of the dirt.

I decided to try to clean it with the grass but some humidity and dirt remained. Then I tried with my hands but still the result was not good. I putt in a hurry without reading the slopes and in the wrong state of mind. Of course I missed the putt. It irritated me even more and I missed two more strokes!

During all the day, I was thinking about how to clean my ball instead of this failed putt. I played below my average level, slowed the team, nearly had my bag fell down in a bunker and dirtied my favorite trousers.

Back at home, I searched but could not find golf clothes that were both appropriate for golf, especially allowing to clean effectively the ball on the green, and social life.

Failing to find such products, I decided to found Ailion-Golf to offer a complete range of golf clothes suitable for golf and everyday life.”


– Guillaume Sergent, founder of Ailion-Golf –